Monday, June 20, 2016

Adult Summer Reading Challenge

It's time for our annual summer reading challenge for 2016!  Starting June 20, you can register for our book challenge and begin logging the books you've read on June 27.  The challenge lasts for six weeks.  The object is to read different types of books from our list of books.  This list can be picked up at our front desk.  For every two books you read, you win a prize.  The challenge ends after you've read a total of six books.  Examples of types of books from our book list are: a book based on a fairy tale, a book with a blue cover, a book over 100 years old.  The list contains over 60 types of books you can choose from.  The ultimate goal is to READ, and to maybe read a book that might be different or out of your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself a bit, find a book that you thought may not have interested you and see what you think.  Most importantly, have FUN finding and reading a book!

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