Tuesday, October 27, 2015

November Events

If you haven't seen our new November Calendar of Events at our front desk, here are some of the highlights:
Nov 4: Dr. Pierce from the Ontario County Historical Society stops in to discuss how the local community was affected by World War I.  Dr. Pierce is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, and he will educate and entertain you.
Nov 9: with the holidays approaching, our tech expert Andrew gives you pointers on what type of tech gadget to buy.  Learn what's popular and what may be best for the "giftee".
Nov 17 will be an informational night on upcoming weekly painting classes.  These aren't the popular "Painting with a Twist" type class, but rather full blown art classes.  You will paint a picture based on the weekly lesson given by local resident Nils Caspersson and take it home with you.  Each week you learn a new technique and use it to create a new piece of art which you again take home.  Classes will run for 8 weeks.  For more information, stop in to the library or call us at 924-2637.

As a reminder, you can view and sign up for all our classes at our Calendar of Events.

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